Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. 🙂

In case you’ve been browsing around the site and you’re curious about me, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and even share a little history.

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The first thing you should know about me is I’m a multi-passionate, multi-skilled serial entrepreneur who is adamant about living my dreams and fulfilling my life’s purpose.

I officially became an entrepreneur when I launched my first online business in April of 2012, where I offered my tech skills to other entrepreneurs initially as a Virtual Assistant, then as a Web Designer, and finally as a Tech Trainer.

Uber is my current business venture that was started in September of 2016 as a driver only. As of 2018, I’m expanding it into online Uber income as well by sharing my referral link online and receiving referral commissions worldwide.

By the end of 2018, I plan on diving deep into my passions for personal development and spiritual enlightenment so that I can focus on living my life purpose, and as a result, expand my entrepreneurial ventures even further.

#1 The Freedom

The fact that I had been an online entrepreneur for 4 years prior to starting Uber meant I was already very accustomed to enjoying the benefits of multiple forms of freedom.

I was already experiencing time freedom and a flexible schedule. I also enjoyed the freedom of doing what I wanted to do and not having anyone else have control over me.

Uber offered me those same things, and since those were non-negotiables for me, it worked out really well.

#2 It’s In My Blood

The skills and experience needed to be a great Uber driver come naturally to me and even run through my bloodline.

I actually really enjoy driving. I consider it another form of freedom. I’ve always loved it, even before I ever considered it as a way to make money. I’ve also been known to be a good driver. I’ve had multiple friends remark on my driving in years past. And that’s a trait that’s been passed down through generations. Not just driving, but driving in DC.

The fact that I’m a DC Uber driver is literally part of who I am. I’m from and still live in Washington, DC (actually born and raised IN the city, not the surrounding suburbs). I’m actually a 3rd generation DC native, which is rare in a city where almost everyone else who currently lives here is from somewhere else.

On top of that, being a good driver literally runs in my family. My maternal grandmother was a DC taxi driver for over 30 years. My mom actually grew up riding around in my grandmother’s taxi, which gave her an uncanny familiarity with the city along with an innate ability to be a great driver. Although my sense of direction and knowledge of the city’s nooks and crannies isn’t at my mom’s level (I would say mine is average for a native), I did inherit the great driver ability, especially since my mom taught me how to drive.

And to top it all off, my mom also decided to start driving Uber the same year I did. It’s been a true blessing for her as well because she’s retired and currently making great retirement income with Uber.

So yes, even though money was an initial motivator for me driving Uber, it actually ended up being a perfect fit as an income opportunity for several reasons. My hope is that it’s the same for you for your own reasons.

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