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I’m Alexis Myers. I’ve been driving Uber since September of 2016.

Now I’m sharing everything I know in an effort to help others¬†improve their finances, reach their goals, and change their lives just like I have.

My mission is to ensure you get the most out of Uber so that you actually benefit from it and get what you want out of it, instead of trying it out to find you’ve wasted your time or feel it’s not worth it.

In order to ensure your success, I’ve created a formula to get you in the right mindset and implementing the right strategies to help you create the results you want and reach the goals you have for your life and finances.

It’s perfect for beginners to get you started on the right foot before you even take your first ride, and even those who are already driving and looking to make more money or create more desired results out of your Uber experience.

Read each step below, then click on the corresponding blog post that will give you all the information you need to take that step.

Step #1

Prepare Yourself for Success with the Right Mindset

Step #2

Sign Up For Uber

Step #3

Set Goals

Step #4

Make Easy Money

Step #5

Become a 5 Star Driver

Step #6

Manage Your Money

Step #7

Create Your Own Version of Success with Uber