If you want to make great money with Uber (including getting lots of tips consistently), it’s important to become familiar with the value of 5 stars.

Uber’s rating system for drivers and riders helps keep everyone on their toes to ensure the level of service the drivers offer and the level of respect the riders offer in return.

After each ride, both the rider and the driver have the opportunity to rate each other on a 5-star scale.

What Uber rating is too low?

This rating system can be an important factor for Drivers because it can determine whether or not we’re even able to stay on the Uber platform and continue making money. If an Uber Driver gets below a 4.6 rating they are at risk of having their account deactivated. This is just one of the ways Uber tries to ensure they keep quality drivers on their platform.

When you first start driving you’ll automatically have a 5 star rating and it’s up to you to keep it as close to that as possible (the more you drive, it’s virtually impossible to keep a perfect 5 star rating, especially as you start to experience different riders and their expectations along with the different situations you may encounter).

It’s important to note that it’s NEVER possible to please everybody, even if you’re one of the best drivers out there. What one rider may love and give you 5 stars and even a tip for, another rider may not necessarily care for and rate you lower because of it, or not rate you at all.

What is the average star rating for Uber drivers?

It’s a natural part of the process that your rating will slightly fluctuate over time. Your rating is based on your most recent 500 trips. As you continue to get more ratings from different riders and as good or bad ratings drop off or add on when you pass each 500 trip mark, you’ll see your rating adjust. The average rating of an Uber driver is 4.80.

Another important tip to note is that many riders don’t rate at all. After they leave your car, they are on with the rest of their day. So don’t expect a rating from every rider, even if you felt it went really well. It won’t always happen.

Wondering how to get a 5-star rating on Uber? So you can start out great from the beginning or become a better Uber driver?

Although there can be uncertainty in your driver rating due to several different factors, there are multiple ways to ENSURE that you’ll ALWAYS receive an overwhelming majority of 5 stars (resulting in a consistently high rating and plenty of great tips).

From my experience, it’s pretty easy to keep a high rating. All it really boils down to is being generally pleasant and polite, using common sense, and having a mindset of offering great service to your rider. I assure you, if you keep these things in mind, you’ll have and keep a high rating easily.

I don’t consciously try to get 5 stars from my riders. I just automatically operate from these simple principles, which I detail below, and I’ve have had a rating of well OVER 4.90 for 99% of the time. I had one instance where my rating dropped to 4.88 (still higher than the average) and stayed there for about 3-4 weeks or so in 2017. Other than that, for the 2 and a half years I’ve been driving Uber the highest I’ve gotten is 4.97, but the most common rating I have is 4.94 – 4.95.

So with that in mind, below are my top 10 Uber driver tips for getting and keeping a high rating.

1. Be a Good Driver

On the rare occasions that I need to take an Uber myself (like on my birthday or if I’m going downtown and I know parking will be nonexistent), I’ve come to learn exactly why many of my riders think I’m a good driver.

I frequently get unexpected compliments about my driving when I feel I’m just doing what’s normal. I come from a long line of good drivers, so it comes naturally for me. But if you don’t and feel like you need some pointers, not to worry. Based on some of my own experiences being a rider and from some of my riders’ comments, I can definitely share some tips to help anyone be a better driver.

One of the main things to being a good driver is being confident behind the wheel.

Try NOT to do a lot of stop-and-go on your brakes as if you’re still feeling out your car or simply unconscious to the fact that people are passively riding in your car and can feel the subtle, yet constant jolts of you repeatedly tapping on your brakes. Be confident in your ability to handle the car and the decisions you make while driving. This will help give your riders a smooth ride.

Even if you’re in a lot of traffic and do a lot of driving in the city, try to drive at an even pace, so that it’s not too slow or choppy. I’m admittedly a fast driver but I always try to keep things as safe as possible with my lead foot, which tends to keep my riders happy. wink

Most people need to be somewhere by a certain time. So you’ll also want to be good at navigating inevitable traffic jams so that you’re not held up more than you have to be. I’ve found that riders really appreciate this, especially when they’re late, but even when they’re not.

Speaking of “navigating inevitable traffic jams”, it will benefit you to become comfortable with the busiest parts of your city. Don’t be intimidated by the busyness and craziness of your city or other drivers. If you need some practice runs, get out there and familiarize yourself with light patterns, traffic flow, difficult intersections, etc. Be assertive, attentive, confident, and comfortable with your surroundings and your riders will truly appreciate it.

Examples of My 5 Star Comments:

Uber Driver Ratings: How do uber drivers get 5 star ratings? I'm sharing my top 10 uber driver tips that have kept my uber rating well over 4.90 for 2 and a half years.

Uber Driver Ratings: How do uber drivers get 5 star ratings? I'm sharing my top 10 uber driver tips that have kept my uber rating well over 4.90 for 2 and a half years.

Uber Driver Ratings: How do uber drivers get 5 star ratings? I'm sharing my top 10 uber driver tips that have kept my uber rating well over 4.90 for 2 and a half years.

2. Learn good routes to popular destinations

This tip builds on the previous and will help you master being a “good driver” along with the different aspects of Uber driving.

You’ll frequent places like the airport, the bus station, tourist sites, and even popular places to work (government buildings, etc.) The more you drive the better you’ll get at this. So don’t worry too much about this in the beginning, unless you decide to go out and get more familiar with your city before you start accepting rides.

When you can find routes with less lights and traffic that will get your riders to their destination faster, this is always a plus. I’ve had so many people be impressed with my route to the airport when they see how fast we can get there and how much traffic we avoid.

Examples of My 5 Star Comments:

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings Good Driver Compliment7

3. Be Willing To Do Extra

U-turn to pick people up so they don’t have to cross the street.

Offer a charger if you hear them mention their phone is about to die.

Drive up a driveway to pick up someone with a cane or walker.

Do your best to find a rider if a pickup spot is tricky. Always call them if you’re unsure, having a hard time finding the place, or you’ve been waiting more than a few minutes.

Wait a few extra minutes if you’ve talked to them and you know they are on their way, or if they forgot something and have to go back and get it.

If they are going to a place they’ve never been before and are unsure of the dropoff location, do your best to help them find it. Don’t just drop them off and let them fend for themselves. Drive until you (and they) see the exact address or name of the location.

Etc., Etc., Etc…

Don’t underestimate the power of doing a little extra, even if it may seem simple or obvious. Going the extra mile can be greatly appreciated.

Examples of My 5 Star Comments:

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings Do Extra Compliment5

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings Do Extra Compliment6

4. Be An Unofficial Tour Guide

If you live in or near a big city, you’ll get lots of tourists. Tourists are one of my favorite types of riders. They are generally in a great mood and they are so interested in and wowed by things that are normal to me, so they give me a unique and more appreciative perspective of my hometown.

Whether you’re from the city you currently live in or not, you’ll definitely get to learn more about it than you ever expected when driving Uber. Take advantage of this. The more you know about your city (the popular touristy spots as well as the “non-tourist/local” areas) you’ll be able to give your riders a great experience.

Examples of My 5 Star Comments:

5. Use your own discretion (and common sense) with the GPS

Many times the GPS will give round-about directions for no good reason. Sometimes it’s routing you around traffic (which is always a good thing), but sometimes it’s not, and it just makes no sense to take extra turns and detours for no reason. If you know the way, ignore the GPS and do what makes sense. It will always reroute based on the route you decide to take and continue to give directions as you need them.

There are also times when the GPS will take you to the back of a building instead of the front. I still haven’t figured out why this is, but it can happen pretty regularly for no particular reason.

To combat this, always check the street name of your destination before you start your trip. Once you get to that street, if you see the GPS directing you off that street, let your discretion kick in. Look at the map and if you see it’s taking you to the back, ignore it.

I get a lot of pleasantly surprised riders when I use common sense and show up at their front door instead of in their alley because I paid attention to the street I was supposed to pick them up or drop them off on, instead of blindly following the GPS directions (like they’re used to other drivers doing).

Examples of My 5 Star Comments & Compliment Badges:

6. Don't feel obligated to have long drawn out conversations with every rider

Some people just like a smooth ride from point a to point b. You don’t have to try to be super entertaining if that doesn’t come naturally to you or doesn’t feel comfortable for any given reason.

Many times riders appreciate a quiet ride. They like to be in their phones, reading, listening to their headphones, watching the scenery go by, etc. I’ve not only gotten 5 stars but even tips when all I basically said was “Hi” and “Bye” the entire ride.

You can tell when someone wants to talk. They’ll start asking you questions, or even bringing up their own conversation. That’s when I’ll engage them. I like to let them take the lead on conversations.

I used to try and start conversations when I first started, but I got tired of that. I like driving/riding in silence too lol. So I feel my rider out and let them set the tone for the ride. You’ll be surprised at how much you actually don’t have to talk, or only talk when you really want to.

Examples of My 5 Star Comments:

7. Always be polite and friendly

Speaking of what to say and what not to say, a little politeness goes a long way. Many times simply giving them eye contact and a smile while they are getting in the car is a great way to start their ride. It really doesn’t take much to give a good first impression.

In addition to my basic greeting of “Hi” and checking their name to be sure they are my right passenger, I always add “How are you?” or I’ll even say, “How is your day going so far?” if I’m in the mood for more conversation. Simply asking how people are doing after they’ve settled in is a very simple way to be polite and friendly (that not everyone does).

I also make it a point to say, “Have a good day” as they are leaving. Most of them say “thanks for the ride”, and I’ll respond with, “No problem, have a good day”, or “Have a safe flight” if I’m dropping off at the airport. People really appreciate that. It’s something really simple, but I’ve gotten several remarks about my politeness and that’s all I really say.


Examples of My 5 Star Comments:

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings Polite and Friendly Compliment

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings Polite and friendly compliment2

8. Be Professional

Although Uber is easy to do, open to anyone, and a fairly casual experience it’s important to still maintain a level of professionalism.

You are not only representing yourself as an entrepreneur/service provider/independent contractor, you’re also representing Uber. So be sure to present yourself accordingly.

For example, I always let the rider lead when it comes to opinion-based conversations. I go with what their opinion is. If I agree and have something to say, I’ll chime in after they have said their peace and I feel it’s safe to do so. If I disagree, I’ll just smile and nod and let them know they are being heard and received.

I keep things very professional, no matter where riders go with the conversation. I let them feel comfortable to express themselves but maintain a professional demeanor. My job is to get them from Point A to Point B, not to argue or disagree with them or reveal too much of my personal information or opinions on things. It’s not about me, it’s about them. It really benefits you to keep in mind what they are actually paying for when they get in your car.

I also make it a point to mind my business when I hear riders talking to each other or on the phone. Unless they bring me into the conversation, my attention is on driving.

As far as your appearance, I say “dress decent” instead of “dress professional” because it’s not necessary to look like the traditional version of a professional driver. UberX is a casual driving experience. Now if you drive UberBlack or one of the other more expensive/premium/elite options, you may have to adhere to different standards. I’m not familiar with what they are.

But if you are driving the basic level of Uber, you can definitely feel free to be relaxed. Just don’t dress like you’re chilling in your living room. I’ve seen some Uber drivers wear slippers/open-toed sporty slide-ons and sweatpants/basketball shorts. That’s a no-no. At least dress decent.

Wear jeans, be comfortable (I literally wear leggings almost every day). Just wear something decent enough that if you had to get out of your car after a long day of driving and walk into a respectable establishment, you wouldn’t feel like you had to go home and change first.

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings Professional Compliment2

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings Professional Compliment3

9. Keep your car clean

I try to get car washes every week (or every other week). You can write this expense off with your taxes, so don’t feel too bad about spending on this frequently.

I also keep my car clutter-free and free of any personal adornments (this ties in with professionalism – I treat my car as my mobile office when I’m working). The most people will see in my car is an air freshener on my vent, my water bottle or my charging cord (you can read more about these and my other recommended Uber car essentials here).

Even when my car is in need of a car wash, I get remarks about how clean it is. This is because I keep it clutter free and wash it fairly often.

Riders love this. They feel like you care about your car and their experience in it. And they reward you well for it.

Examples of My 5 Star Compliment Badges:

10. Keep your trunk clean

This is a big one. You never know when someone will have luggage (or how much luggage they’ll have), grocery bags, boxes, or other large items they may be carrying. One person could be carrying several things or you could pick up a group of people, all of which have at least 1 piece of luggage/large item.

All of these scenarios are possible and common. It’s important to be prepared for all types of situations.

Keeping my trunk clean has been a huge bonus for me. I literally keep it completely empty (until it snows in the winter and I’ll throw my ice scraper in there). I can’t even count the many times riders have commented on how clean my trunk is. They love it. And they are so impressed by it because it’s so rare. Other Uber drivers don’t do this enough, and they should.

If you MUST have certain things in your trunk for your own personal driving, keep them all in one box or bag that you can easily remove when it’s time to drive Uber and replace when you’re on your personal time. Trust me, there is nothing mandatory to be used on a regular basis that is kept in the trunk. Keeping it clean pays off and gives your riders a much better Uber experience.

Examples of My 5 Star Compliment Badges:

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings All Star Driver Badge

5 Star Uber Driver Ratings Excellent Service Badge

BONUS TIP: Check out my post 21 Uber Car Essentials to Keep You and Your Riders Happy for even more tips to get 5 stars. Throughout that post, you will see #5starsecrets on certain essentials listed. These are the ones that will not only get you 5 stars but plenty of tips too! smile

Share Your Thoughts in the Comments Below:

Which of my strategies were you surprised that riders give 5 stars for?

If you’re a rider, what things that I did or didn’t mention do you normally give 5 stars for? Or which things do you give LOWER ratings for (all drivers can learn from this)?

If you’re a driver, what things do you normally do that I did or didn’t mention that you get 5 stars for?