Driving Uber is a money solution, but it isn’t for everybody. Although it’s a great opportunity, it’s easy to do, and it’s available to people from all walks of life, it’s important to know that not everybody should do it.

Depending on your mindset, your current situation, your preferences, and goals, Uber could be the perfect solution for you or the absolute opposite of what you actually need or want. Before jumping into this (or any opportunity for that matter) it’s important that you weigh the options and be honest with yourself about if Uber is right for you.

Below I’m going to share a few important variables you should consider before deciding to drive for Uber.

You SHOULD Drive Uber If:

You are unemployed and in need of "in between income"

So you could really benefit from an easy way to make consistent, reliable income while you’re looking for your next job or trying to start your next business venture.

You are unemployed or retired, yet craving something more than the average job

Which means you simply want an easy, fun way to make consistent income on your own terms. You’re looking for more freedom in the way you earn your money. And maybe you’re even ready to become your own boss so you can be more in control of your time and schedule, and be able to decide how much money you want to make.

You're an entrepreneur looking for extra income

Because maybe you’re caught in the feast or famine cycle and looking for extra income to help fill in the gaps during those famine times. Or maybe you could use some extra income to help pay for business supplies or marketing, or you’d like to invest in training or coaching to help take your business to the next level.

Or maybe you’re a serial entrepreneur looking for another business venture to continue diversifying your income streams while embarking on a new and fun adventure. This could even be a new (and convenient) platform to share your other business(es) with people who may need or want your offerings.

You need an easy-to-do side hustle with flexible hours

So you can keep your day job and earn additional income whenever you want and however often you want. A side hustle you don’t have to interview for or submit your resume to, instead, you simply take the appropriate steps in the signup process and get started making extra money easily.

You SHOULDN’T Drive Uber If:

You don't like to drive

This is the number 1 reason why I tell people they shouldn’t drive Uber. If you hate driving and absolutely cannot stand traffic, you definitely shouldn’t drive Uber. Just because it’s an easy way to make money that just about anyone can do doesn’t mean you should do something you know you hate doing. You’ll constantly be in a bad mood, which could very likely affect the quality of service you deliver to your riders. That could result in poor ratings and less money. It’s not worth it.

Traffic is inevitable, especially in the big cities where Uber is the most popular (meaning the places you can make the most money). If you can’t come to terms with that and rationally deal with the everyday occurrences that come with a lot of driving, don’t worry, there are many other ways to make money that don’t require you to drive.

You don't like meeting new people

If you’re the type that doesn’t like dealing with a lot of different people and personality types, or maybe you even feel awkward or anxious around others, Uber probably isn’t the income opportunity for you. You definitely have to deal with lots of different types of people, along with their personalities and their expectations when you drive Uber (although you DON’T always have to have long, drawn out conversations with everyone, and many times don’t have to talk much at all to still get high ratings and even tips – everyone is different).

When considering driving Uber, it’s good to keep in mind that it’s a service based business, and being in the mindset of offering excellent service is the way to get (and keep) the highest ratings and make the most money (including tips).

One alternative to dealing with people but still driving Uber is to try UberEats! That way you can make easy money by simply delivering food to people at their doorstep. You don’t have to worry about driving around with them in your car for extended periods of time. Just drop their food off and go! 🙂

You're expecting it to be a typical job

If you’re expecting things like… Having to clock in and clock out for a predetermined set amount of hours each day… Or having someone else be aware of or concerned with when you start working and when you stop… Or you’re more concerned with how much you make an hour instead of how much you make a month… You’re likely going to be disappointed.

As a driver, you’re not an employee of Uber, you’re an independent contractor, which means you’re self-employed and in charge of yourself. It’s very important that you adopt the mindset of being self-employed/entrepreneurial (instead of the mindset of an employee) so that you aren’t left feeling unsatisfied by misguided expectations.

You're expecting a yearly raise or holiday bonus

With Uber, instead of expecting a seasonal bonus for the same amount of work you always do, you can give yourself a bonus by taking the initiative to get the weekly Quest bonus money on top of your regular earnings.

You can also choose to give yourself a raise (instead of expecting someone else to give you one) by sharing your Uber referral code/link which gives you a referral commission each time someone signs up for Uber using your code/link. This can increase your Uber earnings and even surpass them depending on the extent of your marketing and business strategies.

Again, shifting into an entrepreneur mindset will set you up for success and open up a whole new world of possibilities if you’ve never taken the dive to work for yourself before. But if you’re reluctant to make that shift, I guarantee you won’t be too happy with your Uber experience.

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